HOWTO: Backup and Delete Instagram

Ok you’ve decided enough is enough and you want to leave Instagram, but you like some of the photos you took and you’re not sure you kept a backup of them? Then don’t worry help is at hand.

Instaport is a website which allows you to export all your Instagram photos and save to a zip file or transfer to Flickr and Facebook (why you would want to save to Facebook when it’s them that own Instagram I’ll never know?).

Once you’ve successfully backed up or transferred all your Instagram photos you can now safely delete your Instagram account by going to

Jobs a good one as they say :)

Instagram Alternatives

Heard about the new Instagram privacy policy or just got fed up its not the chic photo app it used to be?

Then what are the alternatives?

For me personally its Flickr and Starmatic. I use Flickr to upload and backup all my photos I take, some I share with the public, but most I keep private with family and friends. I try to post what I think are the best ones only to Starmatic and try to only follow interesting people back, the way I used to with Instagram. I try not to post photos of food, but can’t guarantee that :D

Follow me on @Starmatic. My username is gerrymoth. Download the photo sharing app for the Apple iPhone